Whole30: Complete!

Tiger Blood is the stage where you have reached the apex of the detox, and things are starting to get easier. The cravings subside somewhat. The end is in sight. Your senses are heightened. Your libido shoots through the roof. You begin to meditate daily, tell your boss you want a raise, and call your grandmother weekly. Things are finally falling into place.

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Risk vs. Reward

I glanced at the clock.  7:25.  35 seconds left to go.  It was time to go HAM.  I could fit the remaining 9 box jumps in before time expired on CrossFit Open 14.3, an 8 minute AMRAP of box jumps and ascending heavy deadlifts– my cup of tea.  My teammates (who stayed late to watch […]

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Picture This.

Every day you are bombarded with photographic lies.  They seem innocent in their ridiculousness, just filler for space in a television graphic, or an ad for a class on how to finally lose the weight and stop wearing so many clothes!  I’m talking about STOCK PHOTOS, the HPV of the media world.

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Daily WTF

I just bit my tongue so hard I saw stars. The conversation was with a 70 -year-old salesman who came to see my boss, and I greeted him as I was getting ready for my workout. On his way out of the box, he said, “Be careful.” I responded, “You too,” hoping he would spare […]

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