Priority = Action

I haven’t written in months. I could make a million excuses as to why, and by many measures I have had pretty good reasons: Physical therapy, multiple jobs, traveling for weddings, visiting with family I haven’t seen in over two years, training, trying to eat and sleep for performance. But I’d be feeding you bullshit.

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Risk vs. Reward

I glanced at the clock.  7:25.  35 seconds left to go.  It was time to go HAM.  I could fit the remaining 9 box jumps in before time expired on CrossFit Open 14.3, an 8 minute AMRAP of box jumps and ascending heavy deadlifts– my cup of tea.  My teammates (who stayed late to watch […]

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Picture This.

Every day you are bombarded with photographic lies.  They seem innocent in their ridiculousness, just filler for space in a television graphic, or an ad for a class on how to finally lose the weight and stop wearing so many clothes!  I’m talking about STOCK PHOTOS, the HPV of the media world.

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