Start Now

If you are waiting, stop.

If you cannot sleep at night, fix what is keeping you from resting easy. Is it your 10-year-old pillow? Is it your shitty job? A stock portfolio that isn’t performing well? Don’t delay. Take real steps, right now.

Are you living a lie? If you are not sure why you are not living authentically, start with your tiny, innermost inkling threads, and unravel the sweater of BS you’ve knit over the years. (I know, worst metaphor ever.) Stop looking for realness on social media, and live it instead. Stop looking for outside verification from your friends and family. Something is either great for you, a waste of time, or terrible for you. Pick carefully from each of these three categories– I believe in all three, in moderation.

If you want to compete, do. Badly, at first. Marathons, powerlifting, free market enterprise. Get started with what you have, even if that’s just your own body and brain. As you grow, find people who can send you in the right direction.

If you have not taken a vacation in years, is right. Here. Stop waiting for the perfect circumstances, that’s just not going to happen, and if it does, you will be too old to enjoy it. Go alone, if you must.

If you are in a relationship that is not working for you, leave NOW. It does not matter if he’s nice. It does not matter if she’s great on paper. If your idea of a fulfilled life is not in alignment, part ways now.

If your heart hurts all the time; start taking real steps to heal this pain. You are not doing anyone a favor by staying at a job you hate, in a town you despise, or in a fitness regimen that drains you emotionally.

Life is just too goddamn short.

I’ll admit to a lot of indecision in my life as of late, and that’s been reflected in this blog. Truth: I love writing. Truth: I have written many entries in the past few weeks, and not published a single one. Truth: I don’t really know where this blog is going just yet.

I originally set out for Athena-Rx to be more of a strength training resource, not a personal blog. But my essays have commanded a lot more interest and feedback than anything I’ve written on technique. That’s a difficult road to hoe because A: I am not a raging narcissist in love with oversharing my personal life, B: I would be horrified if someone got the impression I think I have it all together, and C: personality-based fitness brands personally rub me the wrong way. Your fitness is not about me. Truthfully, I don’t think the YouTubiverse needs one more sanctimonious toned person looking earnestly into the camera and telling you the dangers of CrossFit/ gluten/ I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter/ not being TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR BODY. Life’s messier and more nuanced than that. I don’t think you need that. You already know you need to work hard and eat your vegetables.

I promise I’ll keep experimenting and see what sticks.

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